Proposed Trial of a monthly daytime Whittling Session in 2014(rev. 2)

We propose to start a whittling subgroup that meets during the day for approximately two hours once a month. Very limited tools/equipment would be needed - a whittling knife being the basic requirement. The subgroup would be separate to the night carving group who meet on the 1st  Wednesday each month. We would hope to get half a dozen people sitting around the table, sharing yarns while whittling on a bit of wood.

The daytime meeting has a couple of clear benefits:

  • Lighting is better during the day!
  • Some members prefer driving during daylight hours.

As our current location at Gordon TAFE East Campus is used during the day so while individual’s workshops or other meeting rooms could be used it has been decide that initially the trial will use public parks to test the practicality of this venue. As Geelong has numerous great public parks we would get to visit somewhere different every month with the additional benefit of being a venue that will cost nothing. The locations below have undercover seating and are close to easy parking.

Refer to program guide for whittling dates and locations

 It was suggested that we may even attract new members being in the public place, but while this would be great it is not a primary objective.

To be able to include people who work Monday to Friday it has been decided to run this trial on the Third Saturday of each month from 10:00am till 12:00.

The projects, at least initially, would be the same for each person to allow group learning and would cater to a range of initial skill levels. It is envisaged a little pre work before each of the sessions would be required.

If you would like to join us for this trial please come along. If you have any questions or need help finding one of the locations please contact me, David Burrell on 0433 889 181



Geelong Woodcraft Guild

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